• This is a graphically rich
    and beautiful book that will remind
    many of us of our past and
    introduce others to the work of
    Alex Stitt, which remains as exciting
    and inventive as the day it left his
    drawing board.

    Russell Bevers FDIA

    Program Director, Master of Design, School of
    Media and Communication, RMIT University.

  • Alex Stitt is high on the
    short list of the most talented
    people I've ever known.

    Phillip Adams AO

    Writer, broadcaster, film producer,
    columnist, social commentator, pundit.

  • When I saw the book, I was
    astonished at the breadth of Alex’s
    practice—not only as a graphic
    designer, but also as an animator,
    film maker and contributor to the
    cultural fabric of 20th century

    Gerard McCourt

    Formerly art director, now artist.

  • This is an extraordinary book from
    so many perspectives. There’s no
    doubt this is a major body of work
    of very real significance and importance
    for designers the world over,
    not just Australia.

    Simon Pemberton

    Designer, Senior AGDA Member, National
    Head of College—CATC Design School.

  • Clear communication that
    surprises, delights, entertains and
    informs. Apart from that he barracks
    for the Hawks.

    Fred Schepisi AO

    Film director.

  • Book of the Week.
    This is a rich tapestry of Stitt's
    words and images—it is an imperative
    read, especially for lovers of art.
    'Autobiographics' contains more than
    1800 illustrations, comic strips,
    storyboards and film title frames.
    Highly recommended.

    Clare Calvet

    ABC Radio 774, September 15, 2011